Should I Buy Crocs?

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This is the question I had prior to stepping into the Tel Aviv Crocs store. Kaleb, another bicycle tourist we had met in Istanbul, swore that they were the best all-around shoe for cycle-touring. Before purchase he also had reservations about the brand, image and functionality of the shoe.  But after thousands of miles in his Crocs he is now a big fan.

Eric has shoe problems.

Eric getting his second pair of shoes for the trip.

My shoe situation is humorous and at the same time frustrating for Anja to watch. As of July I have purchased 4 pairs of shoes during our adventure, basically one pair for each month on the road. On August 30th, in order to keep my track record going, I went into the Crocs store in Tel Aviv to get my 5th pair of shoes. I grabbed the basic black model with holes on top for ventilation. My first impression was good, I was very hopeful for this new addition to my traveling shoe closet. But my enthusiasm was short lived.

After only 2 days in the shoes I formed a very nasty blister on the inside of my left foot and the same spot on my right was very tender. So I put the Crocs away to allow my feet to heal and maybe give them another shot later.

I chose to get the Crocs brand because if I had any issues I knew I could take the shoes to a Crocs store and get an exchange or refund. I figured; to spend the $50 for some foam rubber shoes would be ok if the service that came with the brand could provide me a level of security. I could have purchased some $10 knock offs but there would be no recourse if issues arose.

Well yesterday I dug into my bag and retrieved my Crocs, the receipt, my credit card and passport and went into the Crocs store in Eilat to see about an exchange or refund. Both store associates were not willing to provide me any recourse and suggested that I should have purchased a different size. I left the store in a furry, blasting my distaste for the situation on my social media networks and started to mentally draft this blog you are reading now.

Anja and I have had some great experience with established brands and companies trying to build a brand. They provided great customer service and I would like to give props to those companies who quickly responded to our concerns. SteriPen shipped a replacement water purification pen to us in Germany. We had trouble with the one we brought from the states and SteriPen was very fast about getting a replacement sent. also was quick to respond when we received a tent that was the wrong color. Because we were in Germany shipping the tent back and getting a refund was not an option so as recourse they credited back 15% of the already excellent purchase price back to us.

I really hope Crocs can do their brand a favor and instill a level of customer confidence by backing up their increased price point with better customer service. Otherwise I would suggest purchasing a well-built alternative and save your hard earned money. Let’s face it, molded foam rubber shoes have an intrinsic value of about a dime.

Crocs store Eilat Israel

Situation resolved.

Update: I went back into the Crocs store tonight and spoke with the manager explained the situation. I also let her know that I  had been reaching out and interacting with Crocs via social media channels. After a quick call to the general manager I had an authorization to exchange them for something else. Got myself a traditional style water proof running shoe that was also being sold at the Crocs store. Situation resolved.

Should I buy Crocs? no… Should you buy Crocs? I don’t recommend them…