Selling Our Bikes in Bangkok

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Dates of travel: 11/22 – 11/26/2012

Doctor’s Verdict – No more heavy days of cycling.

It was a sad moment when the doctor grimly advised Anja and me that cycling was not advised. Due to my Dengue Fever episode I would be required to take it easy for the next 7-8 weeks. According to the doctor if I stress my body too much I might go into viral retrogression, in other words break out in a fever all over again.

Selling the bikes in Bangkok – Lots of inquiries.

Anja went to work getting the bikes listed on Craigslist Bangkok, and classifieds. There were only 8 other bicycles listed in all of Bangkok. We found out that specialized touring bikes where in high demand as we received inquiry after inquiry, mostly from and craigslist. In the end we had a very nice man by the name of Rickee book a 24-hour train trip from Malaysia to come buy the bikes from us.

Little Thai Boy Cleaning my Bike

Little Thai Boy Cleaning Anja’s Bike

Cleaning the bikes and meeting Rickee.

We had a very memorable time cleaning the bikes. Going over every inch and pointing out to each other a something that reminded us of a certain point in our adventure. We did not get too sentimental but it was a sad tie for us to be letting go of these trusty companions. These bikes had turned out to be the highest quality, with minimal maintenance the most reliable we could ever ask for. We where and always will be grateful for the fun times our Fahradmanufaktur bikes gave us. But now it would be Rickee’s turn to enjoy the bikes. Rickee is a semi-retired engineer turned professor who has a love for bicycle touring. His fun and outgoing personality put us at ease quickly.

With Rickee, the new owner of our bikes

With Rickee, the new owner of our bikes

After the 24 hour long train ride he even had energy to join us for dinner where we shared experiences touring. Rickee shared his dreams to ride his bike around South East Asia and into China. After dinner it was time to say farewell to the bikes and hand them over to Rickee. We where sure they went to the right person who would continue to use them for new adventures in exciting places.

Eric’s bike is already on new adventures with Rickee.
– Photo by Rickee Lee.


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  1. Sounds like you could make a living selling touring bikes overseas! And I had no idea Craigslist was world-wide. Who knew??