Olympos Beach – Tree Houses and Ancient Ruins

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Dates of travel: 8/1 – 8/4/2012

A beach with turquoise blue water and ruins from different ancient times scattered all around. A small town with treehouse-like hostels. That’s Olympos, a small municipality 80km south of Antalya.

Riding down to Olympos Beach

Eric riding down to Olympos Beach

To get there we had to climb several steep hills before we got to cruise downhill all the way into the valley. I had done some research and chosen Beyram’s Treehouses as our hostel based on its good reviews and we weren’t disappointed. For 16 Euros each we got comfy beds in a bungalow and all-you-can-eat breakfast and dinner buffets. When one of the staff members showed me our bungalow there were three Scandinavian guys in their underwear packing up their stuff and giving me a thumbs up about the room. They… I mean the room… looked good to me so I decided to take it.

Our "tree" house at Beyram's (Olympos Beach)

Our “tree” house at Beyram’s (Olympos Beach)

We had arrived so early in the day that the staff offered us breakfast at the buffet while they were getting our room ready. This place was really comfortable with its relaxing atmosphere and I instantly was wishing that we could stay here for a while but we had booked only for one night. However, we worked out extending the stay for two additional nights because we didn’t want to leave.

Enjoying delicious Turkish food with Kira at Beyram's

Enjoying delicious Turkish food with Kira at Beyram’s

The room wasn’t an actual treehouse but a wood cabin on stilts. However, it felt like a tree house especially since we were above the trees. Most importantly it had air-conditioning. We had chosen a 6-bed-dorm room and were happy that we had two great roommates. Kira was from New York and spent a week in Turkey before partaking in a Habitat for Humanitiy project in Kyrgyzstan. She was great company and we spent a lot of time with her. Daniel was from New Zealand, very talkative and had a big grin on his face at all times. Awesome guy, and I certainly won’t forget the orange underwear he was wearing. (What is it about hostels and guys just running around in their underwear? Well, I really don’t mind.)

Aaah, that's how those sandals are supposed to be worn!

Aaah, that’s how those sandals are supposed to be worn!

We spent the days playing in the ocean and Eric helped me improve my swim strokes. Because of the heat it was impossible to stay out of the water very long.

Olympos Beach

Olympos Beach

Guess who's been wearing a backpack.

Guess who’s been wearing a backpack.

One morning Eric and I got up early to watch the sunrise and explore the ruins along the beach. As the sun was rising Eric took a dip in the water. When we walked along the beach to explore the ruins we felt like we were in an Indiana Jones movie. We were the only ones there and within the jungle-like setting we got to explore tombs and fallen rocks of building from ancient times. Our favorite was the old Forum Romanum of which one arch was still fully standing.

Eric swimming at Olympos beach during sunrise.

Eric swimming at Olympos beach during sunrise.

Roman Temple at Olympos beach

Roman Temple at Olympos beach

In the evenings we worked on our laptops, chatted with the people at the hostel, played board games and smoked hookah. We usually don’t smoke at all, but while in Turkey it seemed like the right place to enjoy a watermelon flavored hookah pipe with the others.

When the morning of our departure came I was in deep sleep when Eric woke me up at 4:30am so that we could be on the road before the tormenting heat would catch up with us. When I felt his hand on my shoulder I was right away thinking “no, no…I don’t want to leave this place” and “I absolutely do not want to go cycling in this heat”. But we had no choice. Staying in one location and relaxing wasn’t the purpose of our trip and we needed to go on. We hugged our dorm-mates goodbye and with melancholic hearts we left the comfortable surroundings of Olympus before the sun was rising.

Ancient Ruins at Olympos Beach

Ancient Ruins at Olympos Beach


  1. The picture of Eric’s sweaty back is hilarious!

  2. You smoked Hookah?! I am so surprised, although I knew you had a wild side! This beach looks like a postcard. How warm was the water? And for 16 Euros, you guys got a steal (and a great view of orange shorts, I hear!)