Video – Morocco Part 1

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Videos | 3 comments

This is a series of short clips put together with some background music. It was mostly shot when our friend Synke joined us. We all really enjoyed mild weather amidst the desert like surroundings. We peddled through areas such as Telouet and Ait Ben Haddou, but you will also see that we took a bus to some more remote areas.

The roads and traffic in many areas in Morocco where a little too dangerous for Anja and I at this point in our cycle touring tenure. I believe as we move forward we will become braver and braver in picking how many locations we are willing to cycle to without the safety of alternate transit.

In the Marrakesh section you will see some fun shots of kittens and snakes, and don’t miss Anja’s reaction to being adorned with a special gift. 😉


  1. Great composition! That was awesome! Glad to see you adventuring and sharing it!

  2. so coooool! Let’s be sure to make Anja hold more snakes!

    • We keep running into all sorts of weird creatures on the road, just the other day I almost ran over a cool lizard. It moved so slow and was not afraid of us poking at it with a leaf. Next time I will try to convince Anja to hold it, what ever “it” may be!