Marrakech Medina by Bicycle

Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Videos | 2 comments

After having walked around the Marrakech Medina a few times I thought the best way to share the experience would be to ride my bike around with the GoPro attached. Considering that no one in the Medina will notice the camera I can get truly candid shots that will help capture the “moment”. I started the video right in from of our hotel Afriqua and crossed the side of the square that is an unofficial vehicle thoroughfare. Meandered my way past a few street performers and orange juice carts, then pushed my way into the “souks”. These narrow streets are filled with shoppers from both Morroco and abroad so the traffic can get quite congested at times.  In addition to the foot traffic the shops are spilling out into the streets with all their exotic wares. I end the video circling back to the hotel during a great sunset. I hope you enjoy watching!


  1. Schöne Aufnahmen

  2. very cool