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Date of travel: 8/5/2012

We were leaving Olympos at 5am riding up the hills through the foggy morning mist. Soon we reached a small town and to our surprise a little market was already open so I went inside to pick up bread, yogurt and fresh fruit. When I walked back outside Eric smiled at me and said “looks like we got a new friend” while nodding towards our bikes. There was a black and white terrier mix with big floppy ears that started wagging her tail and walking towards me once she saw me. She laid down right by my feet, rolled onto her back and looked at me with longing eyes. “Don’t pet her. I think she’s got fleas.” Eric warned me. But I couldn’t help it and rubbed her tummy.

With Petey a couple of days before we left on our trip.

She had very smart eyes that reminded me of my own dog Petey. Ever since we started this trip my biggest regret has been that I had to leave Petey behind and I miss him terribly. Not a single day goes by during which I don’t picture myself running up to him, holding him and telling him that I will never leave him again. I am very much looking forward to that day.

When we started cycling out of town we were surprised that the dog started walking with us. I figured she would probably leave us after a little while but even after she got tackled by a few other dogs and we had started climbing up some hills she was still happily trotting next to our bikes.

Jessie not leaving my side

Jessie not leaving my side.

I decided that we needed to give her a name. I looked on the map and since the town in which we found her was called Yeşilköy I decided to name her Jessie (well, it doesn’t really sound alike but it’s close enough).  We stopped for breakfast and gave Jessie some of our food but she didn’t want any. She was just perfectly content getting scratched behind her ears every now and then and listen to us talk.
To be honest I was thrilled about having her with us. I absolutely love dogs and started to picture what it would be like to have her be part of our trip. But then my own dog Petey came to mind and I remembered exactly why he couldn’t be with us. It was just too dangerous to have a dog running next to us and deal with the traffic. Right now we were in the countryside, but what would happen once we reached a larger city? Eric and I realized that it could be a real problem if Jessie decided to keep following us. She had been with us now for about two hours but we were getting closer to Kumuluca, a town with quite a bit of traffic. We decided it was best to find a way to have Jessie leave us. Eric started stomping his feet and telling her to go away. However, she just looked at us with confused eyes, snug up to my feet and hugged my legs tightly. Even when I started yelling at her she didn’t want to leave.

Eric telling Jessie to go away

Eric telling Jessie to go home.

When we reached the top of the hill with a long downhill stretch in front of us we knew what we had to do. We pushed our pedals hard and descended down the road as fast as we could. I turned back and it almost broke my heart to see Jessie running behind us with her ears flopping up in the air. We took a couple of turns and then I couldn’t see her anymore. At the bottom of the hill we reached a small town and a little girl came running down the street waving at us with a smile. After a while we stopped at a water fountain but we had gone several kilometers but Jessie wasn’t able to catch up to us. As we continued our ride that day I found myself turning back numerous times hoping that she might be running towards us but I knew that it wouldn’t be good for her. I was thinking about the little girl that waved at us and was picturing that Jessie might have walked up to her and maybe found a new friend.

Bye bye, Jessie. Hope you made new friends.


  1. You guys know me–I would have built that dog a cart and she would have finished the trip with me. I just can’t say no to big brown bow-wow eyes and Jessie looks like a keeper. I hope she made it back to whoever owns her. Sounds like she followed you quite a ways. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

  2. I’ve seen dogs like this in almost every city. They seem to know how to find a visitor and attach themselves. Jessie looks like a really happy, fun dog. I bet it was hard to say goodbye. But you’re right; it would be too hard to travel with a dog in tow. You did the right thing.

  3. Poor poochy!! What a sweat doggy! Why didnt ypu take it home wit u??? Miss u guys!