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This post should really be written by Anja since she is the research junkie, but from another point of view (mine) I have been lulled into the countless blogs and forums based on bike touring. ¬†Through these bike tourist’s complete travel documentation, I am able to piece together a good plan for avoiding the common mistakes. But throughout he numerous blogs, tips, forums, polls, guides, youtube videos and so fourth I still feel the main ingredient in this type of adventure cannot be described or explained. This missing item, the soul of the adventure so to say, is like a the inside...

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Two Bikes One Dream

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This has been 2 years in the making…

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We went on the biggest shopping spree ever, not so much in cost but very much so in variety of STUFF I never knew existed. From super tech under pants to kevlar replacement spokes, and dont ask me about the chain whip, lol. No Anja and I are not into that kind of thing. We consulted many different resources including books and countless websites to ensure our shopping list was adequate for the adventure. Lucky for us many other bike tourists are nerds sho have blogs explaining the ropes to noobs like us. The real stress full moment came when we gathered all the items together in my sisters...

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